Tuesday, July 28, 2009

What Doin?

Busy busy busy, that pretty much sums me up. I had a banner day at the Farmers Market last weekend. I now have a boat load of inventory to make up. On top of that, I am working on three growth charts and another special order for Damon's girlfriend. Wowie.

We are still staying afloat here. Henry makes our days exciting. He is quite the entertainment. He likes to say "what's _____ doin" , insert word-like burp cloth, Julia, book, hoop, light.....we always just say, "Oh, it's just hangin' out." So, lately he has picked up on that and finishes before we can even get it out. He is a funny little boy.

Julia is working hard to try and sleep through the night for her mama but it just hasn't happened consistently quite yet. She has had a couple of nights from 10 pm-630am but lately she has been waking around 330 ready to fart and eat. I said to Erin last night when I got up to feed her, "when is HE going to start sleeping through the night". Yep, I am pretty much delerious at 330.

Erin is off to hike up Pikes Peak this weekend, Henry is going to Grand Island to hang out with Meerma and Papa. I am going to stick around this weekend and sew my little heart out.

3 tidbits of your thoughts:

Anonymous said...

Meerma and Papa are so looking forward to seeing Henry! This will be a great weekend to go to the Kids Kingdom, and play outside. Ofcourse we have swimming right up the street and Papa has bought Henry some Scobby Doo Dog Bone treats! Bishop and you are going to have sooooooooo
much fun!

Love Meerma

Anonymous said...

I continue to enjoy your posts sista. You have a wonderful way with words. Can't wait to see you tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Love the little "what doin" story. Your blog might be a great archive for for all the cute little things your little ones do and say, the things you think you'll always remember, but sad to say you don't. I'm sewing my birthday honey bun and loving it. Maybe it will be a purse in the end. Love you, Mom-in-law.