Monday, August 17, 2009

Back and Gone Again

I feel like most of the summer has been spent on the road or in the car. We just got back from a trek across Nebraska from a family reunion in Chadron. It is always nice to get together with my Mom's family and see how everyone has changed every two years. Faces are getting older and it makes me kind of sad. I don't like to see people age really. It makes me worry about the future and I don't want to be the worry wart. Nonetheless, it was a nice trip out there with a stop in Ogallala to visit an old friend and a nice trip back with a "friendly warning" to Erin to stop speeding. Lucky guy. He has been pulled over two times in the last two months and got warnings both times. You want to know the trick? Just be nice. Yep, that is all, be NICE TO A COP. I know it is hard to swallow but really, kindness does get you places. Even with cops.

On tap for this weekend...another road trip to Wichita to visit Grandma and Papa Bright. I am hoping to finish my table runner that has been sitting on the back of my chair forever. I need a little help from the quilting extraordinairre, Linda. Hopefully we will get to see Erin's friends as well. They just had a new baby and I can't wait to deliver my fun little gift.

If you can't tell, we are slowly trying to prep ourselves for our roadtrip out to Oregon this September. Erin is going elk hunting with his brother and I am going to hang with the kids and Kory while he is out slaying the beasts. The trip is a whompin' 22 hours. Yikes. Two kids, cramped 4-Runner. Yikes.

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Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see our Bright family on Bison Drive. We have lots of loves and hugs stored up. Love to all, Mom Bright.