Monday, August 31, 2009

Simple Woman's Daybook Entry

Outside my window…the cool crisp air of August. What? Wait, I thought August was supposed to be hot? Well, it's not this year. The grass is still green and it is perfect weather for a sweatshirt and windows open at night.

I am thinking…that I need to spend less time on Facebook and probably more time praying.

I am thankful for…Every single day that God gives to me. I love my family and kids so much that I can't imagine any greater blessing.

From the learning rooms…we are trying to teach Henry so much yet he is still so little is like a "fart on a skillet" as Papa Larry says. If we ask him what color something is, it is usually always Orange or Blue. He loves to read his books. Current Favorite: Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

From the kitchen…Dirty dishes in the sink. Erin made us some tasty spaghetti tonight...with almost a pint of whipping cream. Can you say fattening???

I am wearing…some seriously comfy black sweatpants and one of my dozen trusty ribbed tank tops from Old Navy.

I am creating…Nothing right now. I am on a sewing hiatus.

I am going…to quit worrying about there being something wrong with me. Seriously, did having a kid turn anyone else into a HUGE worrywart?

I am reading…lots of sewing blogs right now. Also a funny book about one night stands from that funny chick from Girls Behaving Badly. I need more humor in my life right now.

I am hoping…that some day there will be a cure for cancer so that no one has to go through it.

Around the house…there are toys scattered here and there. The kitchen has dirty dishes (oh wait, I already mentioned that), the laundry room has dirty clothes on the washer and dryer. Erin is upstairs doing a quick workout. The babies are sound asleep in their room. I love that they share a room. My sewing room has probably been missing me dearly but I don't miss it.

One of my favorite things…is my down comforter. The taste of candy corn and peanuts, having my husband home before I get home from work, going to Overton to the "antique store", the smell of clean clothes, especially my parents laundry soap, fountain Mt. Dew and going to lunch with Crystal the days I work.

A few plans for the rest of the week: Going to the library tomorrow to get our Safari Satchel to start the Lincoln Safari. Look at some books, work on Wednesday, State Fair possibly, lactose tolerance test on Friday, hmmm...what else can I cram in.

Here is picture thought I’d share… This is Henry about the same age as is Julia right now.

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Papa LEW said...

God went out of his way to bless our family with such a wonderful daughter...strong son-in-law and not being biased here...two of the grandest grand children on his green earth. Keep being the parents you are. Love goes a long way.

Worry??? Look it up in the'll see my picture in the second definition...your mother's is first.