Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween People!

Happy Halloween! This year we had a boxer and a pirate. Henry was very skeptical of his boxing costume this year. After one quick run through at Daddy's work, he saw how much fun it was to trick or treat and was very eager to put his costume back on and gear up again. We had a nice night. My friend Stacey and her son, Kael came over to trick or treat with us. Kael and Henry did a great job, Henry saying thank you and Kael saying bye-bye to the people at the doors. Julia napped in the stroller most of the way. We have a nice little loot of candy to get us through the cold months. Erin bought Almond Joys (gag) for the trick or treaters and has had at least 5 of those already. Personally, I think he bought them for himself. What kid likes coconut and almonds? Nasty.

Be sure to check the Flickr uploads in the box to the upper left of the blog. I added plenty of cute faces.

3 tidbits of your thoughts:

Mr. Spooky said...

What's the problem? I would have picked Almond Joys too. Not to sound biased...but those are some darn good looking kids...and that includes Kael.

The Wiseman's said...

Great pictures!!! Julia is getting so big!!! And I second the Almond Joy!! We bought some as well!!

Mama Wood said...

Julia looks just like Damon in her pirate costume ;)