Sunday, October 11, 2009

Folks, she's rollin' over!

Yes, little Miss Julia, aka, Peanut, SweetPea, Barf-face, is rolling over from back to front. Pretty big grunts coming out of her as she tries so hard to move those darn arms out of the way. I feel that she is progressing quite nicely and have a feeling that she will be scooting around way before Henry ever did. She has also began to eat some solids but is still trying to figure out why I am sticking a spoon in her face.

Happy 5th Anniversary to me and Erin too this week. We had a lovely night out on Friday night. Reminisced about how we fell in love and how when we first met, we just knew and had the feeling that God was providing for us in the ways that we had been asking. We went to a winery outside of town for some sampling and indulged a bottle as well. Then we went to our favorite dining spot, Blue Orchid for some yummy Thai food and then out for some more drinks of course. It is so nice and relaxing just to go out with the two of us, no kids in tow.

Nothing else new to report other than life is GOOD and I am thankful of all of God's blessings.

2 tidbits of your thoughts: said...

Beautiful family, girl

Mom said...

Do you guys ever take a bad picture?