Monday, December 28, 2009

Good Bye Old Friend

You have been there with me for 11 Years. You have experienced things with me that many others can't say they have. We have wrote several papers together, downloaded oodles of photos, you have been the target of some serious verbal abuse and mostly have been a great connection for me to the outside world. I have discovered so many fun blogs with you, wrote several of blog posts on you, started up a small business venture with you and balanced the Bright budget since the time Erin took over the accounts 4 years ago because I was doing a crappy job. Job well done Old Dell Computer. It has been an amazing 11 years. Much longer than some of your other computer friends. We will soon erase all of your memory and you will be sent off to a computer recycling junkyard in India somewhere. I am sorry that I have to part with you on such bad terms but if you would have just listened to me and worked when me and Henry told you too, it wouldn't have to end like this. Goodbye old friend. Hello to you, New HP.


The Dominator, Kaitlyn

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Mama Wirth said...

The old Dell deserves a much needed rest, as his memory and speed just ain't what it use to be. Happens to all of us at some point in time.
You will be missed.