Saturday, June 5, 2010


My Mom reminded me that six years ago today, I watched my Grandma take her last and final earthly breaths. I always say that being there with her in her final moments was the best thing for me. You see, I am not really one that deals with death too well (who is), but being there to stroke my Grandma's silky right arm and telling her how much I loved her and that everything was going to be okay, it made the whole process so much easier than not being there at all on that balmy day in June.

Today I witnessed another life struggling from life's unfair battle. We have some friends, Zach and Laura, whose 8 month old daughter, Sam, is fighting for breaths and stuggling to live. Sam was diagnosed with Spinal Muscular Atrophy when she was born. It is one of the most unfair and cruel diseases that I know. Basically babies that have SMA are not guaranteed more than one year of life on earth and that is if they are lucky. Their muscular and respitory systems fail them. For an SMA baby, Sam has been very healthy and had one hospitalization about a month ago. I stopped by to say hello today expecting Sam to be her happy little self and watching her cartoons. Laura answered the door completely exhausted and you could tell that Sam wasn't doing good. I sat there and cried holding her little tiny hand thinking how unfair all of this is. They are putting her on hospice this week. Sam is stuggling to breathe even with her oxygen and Laura says nothing makes her smile anymore. It is a "nightmare" as Laura said. I know that when it is Sam's time, her parents will be at peace with everything, loving and touching her until she takes her very last breath. I know one thing for sure...when Sam gets to heaven, my Grandma will be there waiting to give Sam some serious loves and care.

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Leslie Aldag said...

Your comments are so true. God Bless baby Sam and her parents. God bless all!