Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Wha Happened?

Seems like most of the summer has been whisked away leaving me wondering again, how does time seem to slip by so quietly? Little Julia is getting so big and cute. She is rockin' her summer tan and is a total copy cat to everything Henry does. Henry whines, she whines. Henry screams, she screams. Henry plays with his cars, Julia plays with his cars. I love watching them interact. Their latest thing is to play in the car. Yes, I can leave them in there for 20 minutes (don't worry, windows are down, back hatch is up) letting them scream and giggle. She holds her own and doesn't like getting pushed down. She is still not walking. I don't have much concern. She has taken a few steps on her own but would rather crawl rapid speed or scream until someone picks her up. She is a pistol that little Julia Macrae.

Goings on with Henry...just a very opinionated conversationalist. He HATES getting his haircut, LOVES jumping in the pool and we have really enjoyed going to the library this summer to stock up on books. He runs straight to the Curious George books and to the DVD section for a video (none of which work). He is getting better at holding a conversation and we are working on manners which seem to come by fairly well. I am looking into getting him into some swim lessons this summer hopefully.

We had a nice 4th weekend at Lake McConaughy with Damon, Anna and the girls. My cousin Brandon and his wife Michele just bought a cabin, "Thunderhead Lodge", and we were able to stay with them and enjoy the water on their boat. It is always a stuggle to keep up with them drinking wise. Let's just say the Wirth's aren't as tolerating to the booze as once before. Well, this weekend anyway. The kids stayed with Grandma and Papa Wirth going fishing, eating ice cream and playing with the puppies. ..

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