Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Touch a Truck-Sit in a Stroller

That is what Henry did...a couple weekends ago we headed up to Omaha to pop into this little event called "Touch-A-Truck" They had every kind of truck you could imagine. Garbage trucks, skidloaders, firetrucks, a limo, moving trucks, vans, ambulances, a helicopter, cement mixers, the list could go on forever. We thought, "Henry will LOVE THIS!" and boy were we mistaken. He didn't love it. In fact, he never even got out of the stroller to "Touch-The-Frickin-Trucks" I think his "social anxiety" must have kicked in or something. Julia sure enjoyed getting in the trucks and operating the skid loader like she was its master.

The only time Henry smiled. Balloon and Candy, that's the trick!

We have been having more and more fun at home. Seems like Miss Julia is starting to do just about everything that Henry does. We have been playing in the sink, painting in the driveway with water and paintbrushes (thanks Julie), filling up the toy bucket with suds, library visits often and the Children's Museum is on the list for a membership this winter. I am enjoying this age of the kids very much.
Why yes, that is a three year old sitting in the sink.
They have enjoyed their new babysitter Cindy very much. They do preschool every morning (the two days they are there) and learn all kinds of things. Although Julia is pretty small and busy, Cindy says that she sits and listens and wants to do the preschool activities that the big kids are doing. Henry always comes home with a bag full of things they did.
Erin and I are headed out to Estes Park for our 6th anniversary in a couple weeks. We found a really nice joint to stay at for a couple nights and then headed to the super luxorious Della Terra for our anniversary night. Can't wait! Kids? they get shoved off to Grandma's for the weekend.

2 tidbits of your thoughts:

Grandma said...

Bring em' on, as I can't wait!

Anna said...

If we had a stroller that's about where Elliot would have been. The honking horns sent him over the edge and it was like pulling teeth to get him to actually molest any machines.