Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Us-6 Years Later

I wish I had a digital file of our wedding picture. Seems like only 6 Years ago, people were still mainly using FILM? OMG WTF? Anywho, the ones who were there will remember how beautiful and RADIANT I was. Right? And how incredibly sweaty and HOT Erin looked? Right? 6 Years later, our love is still there. Maybe not all that sappy PDA, sitting on each others laps and holding hands every where we went but having a good time together still does exist for us my friends.

We enjoyed the weekend in Estes Park and did absolutely nothing. It was fabulous. We don't have cable here on Bison Drive so we watched plenty of Ice Road Truckers and this great car show called Overhaulin'. We determined that being a trucker in another country would be insane and that it would be really cool to get Damon's van Overhauled. We-no, I-drank plenty of red beers, Erin somewhat admitted his love for the Huskers and shopped around. Can you believe that, Erin shopped?!!! It was a great vacation for a love destination and we had a very romantic room on our anniversary night. I will spare the details. Oh wait, did you want them?...KIDDING!

Wrapped up the weekend by picking up the little munchies from Grandma and Papa's. They visited 2 pumpkin patches, Papa sang songs about "brushing your teeth with a frying pan" and Grandma entertained them with plenty of stickers, shopping and play. They loved it.

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