Thursday, January 27, 2011

Learning and Playing

We have been hard at it this winter.  This time couldn't have come soon enough for me, finally the kids PLAY together!  They laugh, hug, Henry says "I love you pumpkin", Julia screams when he holds her neck too tight, they have full on belly laughs and dance to "apple bottom jeans".  I absolutely love that they enjoy each other and are each others shadows. 

Henry has been coming out of his shell a little more.  He enjoys going to Cindy's (daycare 2days/week) and learning preschool things.  She really goes overboard, he brings about 10 different activities home that properly get distributed into the recycling bin (well most of it).  I think I pay her for her shopping at Oriental Trading.  The woman does a great job!  He has been learning his letters and has figured out his "H".  Everywhere we go he finds an "H" somewhere, "hey look mom, there's an H as in Henry".  He likes looking for "B" in Bright and "J" in Julia too.  Last week Hobby Lobby had their chipboard letters on sale, for $1.00 so we picked up an "H" and a "J".  Decorated them up and have them hanging on their door now.  We had fun decorating, I did the gluing and Henry did the cutting and picking out the peices.  It may have inspired me to do a whole alphabet and eventually hang them up in their room. 

Julia is a little sweetie pie with a touch of the naughties.  She can now rock the pigtails and loves getting her hair done and dressed up in her pretty clothes.  When I have her dressed for the day and hair done, I say, "look at Mommy and show me how pretty you are".  She turns around and flashes a cute little smile and a pose.  She has been gaining new words everyday.  Blankie, Mommy and Daddy were her first words for quite a while but now she is up to "Hennie" (Henry), "Beckie or Maggie" (Paci), Milk, Juice, Up, Apple, Papa, Pancake, Elmo (for Diaper), "Yammies"(Jammies) and my one of my favorites, when she runs around saying trying to hand you things saying  "hew, hew" for here.    And since we are on funny sayings, last week Henry said, "Helicopter is not a bad word but Hell is"  Yes Henry, you are right.  Now where in the Hell did you learn that???

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Anna said...

I love, love, love those letters you guys did! I should do that with Elliot, I think he'd like it.

To this day we still hear him say "that's an E, for me! Elliot!" Watching them learn is amazing, isn't it?