Monday, January 10, 2011

Right meow..

Everyone in my house is sick.  This little nasty flu bug entered our house on Friday sometime and has been picking us off one by one.  Julia's puking started on Friday at about 330 am and again on Saturday night.  Henry was last night at 830.  Poor little Henry puked about 20 times last night between 830 and 2am.  He woke up with some nasty undies too.  Erin was a saint and slept on the floor with Henry last night while me and Julia slept in our room.  Now Erin is sick too!  This is craziness.  Pure craziness.  I can just imagine this tiny little evil bug (like the Mucinex bug on tv) patroling its way through everyones body.  Today I am thankful that I have yet to get sick (fingers crossed), for laundry detergent, for beach towels lining my carpet and for crackers and water so I don't have to cook. 

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