Thursday, February 3, 2011

Attempted: Colored Ice Bunting

On Tuesday, I was a complete BLAH.  It wasn't until 4:30 that I finally got my motivation about me and found this great little idea for a winter craft.   We filled up our muffin pans with water, added food coloring and a strong string, froze them outside on the deck and today I finally brought them in and strung them up.  It was fun for Henry to make several new colors out of the four colors that I had for food coloring.   Stringing them up was kind of a pain in the ass.  Dye all over my precious little hands and they started to melt FAST when they were brought in.  Must STRING FAST.   I love the way the look strung under the porch as you look to our door.  Good winter craft indeed. 

2 tidbits of your thoughts:

Stefan, Sarah and Lukka said...

beautiful! love it!

Jaimie said...

It's darling! Ours finally melted the other day (before the huge storm), so I cut it down. Now I'm tempted to make another one! Thanks for posting. Do you mind if I include you in my roundup of ice buntings next week?