Thursday, April 14, 2011

Straight off the Card and a little BONUS

Our week began with this on Monday:  "awhhhhhhww!  My He-Man shirt is ruined"  

 "Here mom, here's a flower for you" on Tuesday...

 These guys make an apperance EVERY DAY and every where. 

 Our "Embrace the Camera" this morning.  Just clean out of the shower all three of us!
----->Get in on Emily's weekly Embrace the Camera over ---->there somewhere
Check out my Catch Lights (oh yeah, just a sleek photographer term)

Her addiction...Blankie and Backie...How in the world will we ever get rid of that pacifier?  I compare it to a crack addiction, or coffee.  Never of which I have had, but she HAS to have both of them after every meal. 

 Sampling of the dresses that will fill my Farmers Market booth with happiness and color. 

What we all look forward to everyday, Daddy coming home from work.  

***Oh, I almost forgot, this is my 200th blog post!!  It is always exciting getting to a big number with anything.  So, in a big celebration, I am going to reward someone a delightful camera strap from my stash.  I know that Becky's blog has been generating some traffic here, so a camera strap is probably fitting today.  At random, I will pick one winner.  I will leave it open until Sunday night.  Winner will be announced on Monday.  Just leave me a comment,(with your email address) I don't care, anything you want. It can be about your favorite pair of jeans or how you like to spend your nights or how much it pisses you off when your bobbin runs out.  Or it could just say, "Enter ME Woman, I wanna win!!!!!!"

Here are the straps, even fitted with a lens cap pocket.  This strap will fit over your existing strap, like a cover.  They are padded for a little more cushion and oh so totally awesome.  Okay, good luck!!!

9 tidbits of your thoughts:

Anonymous said...

I love your blog and all the sweet pics of your kiddos!

refibered said...

The pics are great! I love how (un)happy the kids look. lol

I want to win one of your fabulous camera straps!! (I'll be getting a "new" DSLR in the next week or so. Would love some suggestions!)

Wendy Orrison and Holly Snyder said...

So, this is your favorite cousin of Erin's (I happen to live in Virginia and our daughters will be BFFs one day and possibly penpals reminiscing about the days when they used to chill on Grandma's back porch in Sterling)...and I could use a great strap for my camera. Loved seeing your family pics, thanks for sharing your new found skills. I like spending my nights in many ways, tonight I hosted book club at my house with some dear old friends and an okay book. That was lovely.

Angela said...

Congrats on learning from master Becky! I SO very wanted to take that class with ya'll! I think a bright fun camera strap would make me so happy! :)

Stefan, Sarah and Lukka said...


Can that be my comment? No? Okay well how about Craft Weekend soon?! Please??!
LOVE the dresses for the Farmer's Market!

Sarah M

Love, The Roach House said...

Yo, I want a strap! How about that?

Tim said...

It's so fun to see the pictures and think, "Yep, that looks familiar." If I had a buck for every time Silas picked a dandelion and offered it as a beautiful flower...

Linda said...

Hi Dear, sorry I missed your blog last week and a chance to win one of Kaitlyn's colorful originals. I love seeing the kiddos pics, happy or sad, and how about that U-Save original from nearly 30 years past. Who would have believed it would have been that little guy's "He-Man" shirt someday. Makes a Daddy proud I'm sure, and Papa and Grandma. Looking forward to seeing all of your happy family on Friday.
Have a happy day! Linda

jhart said...

I know the contest is over but I found your blog via a child photographer's website and I'm in Lincoln too. I wanted to know how much you charge for the camera strap covers? I've wanted to make one for a while but just don't have the time or skill. Thanks. My email is