Saturday, April 9, 2011

Becky Novaceck Photography Workshop

Had a great day today with my bff Stace.  We went to a fantabulous photography class by Becky Novacek in Fremont.   More on this are a few of my pics taken today with my new found knowledge on "understanding my camera". 

Becky the Master Behind the Lens!

My beautiful BFF Stace.

My subjects when I got home.

**Edited to add an actual reveiw of Becky's class.  This class is perfect for a beginning DSLR camera owner.  I was fairly clueless in regard to my settings prior to this class.  I had read tips on blogs, flipped through a copy of the "UnManual" (which didn't offer me much more than what I had read on blogs), I needed a hard core, sit in front of an instructor class.  Class was held in Becky's loft studio in a quaint downtown Fremont, Nebraska.  The loft was our classroom and provided lots of natural light to learn from.  Becky was very friendly, helpful, accomodating and an overall great teacher.  Class was small with only 6-8 people.  We spent the majority of the morning going through the settings and then in the afternoon we went out to apply our knowledge.  We didn't have models to take pictures during this session which we all agreed would have been helpful.  I especially wanted kid models to mimic my kids actions, running etc. and how to get the best shot.  After class ended, Becky DID arrange for us to all come back to Fremont to use models to apply our new skills.  It was more fun with models and it was nice to be able to ask Becky how to prevent/work out certain kinks.  

I would say that this was overall a great class for a beginner.  Becky didn't push us too much to get in Manual mode which I assumed we would.  She primarily encouraged us to operate out of AV.  I am still not shooting in Manual and really have no desire to get there at the present time.  I shoot strictly in AV mode and have all of my adjustments I make for lighting/bokeh and so on.  There were many new things I learned about my camera which were so incredibly helpful that I know I couldn't do without having someone in front of me.   Becky also gave us tips for our "next lenses", equipment to buy to enhance lighting and so forth.  We talked about blogging tips and advice for those who wanted to get started with photography as a business.  Becky is one of those women who is encouraging to all and truly wants you to succeed.  I continued to ask her questions after the class was over and she was more than willing to put in her two cents. 

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Mom said...

Great Job!

Can't wait to see more of your photography talents, and of course those beautiful models, Henry and Julia.

Justin, Stacey, Kael and Ryker said...

And your friend Stacey. She's a beautiful model too.

Linda said...

Nice work Kaitlyn. Cute Kiddos too of course. Always enjoy your updates and photos.

becky said...

I was soooo happy that you came to the workshop! I enjoyed seeing you and getting to spend some time.