Monday, August 22, 2011

Well, I'm a little worried about him missing teeth...

GASP!  That is what I did, about flung my chair across the little counter to destroy the "x-ray" that made my heart sink.  Henry had his 2nd dental appointment last week and I was so proud of him.  He was the perfect little patient and even allowed for x-rays!  He had restored all of my positivity in him as a 4 year old child.  And then that darn dentist had the nerve to ask me if anyone in my family was missing teeth.  What?  No way, no hillbillies here!  Then he proceeded to tell me that he thinks that Henry might be missing the two teeth NEXT to his (GASP!) front teeth!  Oh man, what?  Now, what I saw on the x-ray were four perfectly large permanent teeth waiting to shine through.  Apparently a 4 year old x-ray should have more crowding where those front teeth are.  So Doc. Marty told me to hold off on the freaking out and wait for next year for another x-ray.  Poor Henry, if he has to get implants...well, Mom, maybe we should start saving for his teeth instead of his college. 

I was proud of my little kids, they were pro's and the dental office made it all really fun for them.  They even emailed me these pictures! 

In other life, we have been keeping it pretty low profile.  I have been wasting a lot of time looking around on Pinterest.  You can see what I have been pinning if you want.  It is a way to kind of feel creative without actually being creative.  Right? 

I have 3 events coming up to sell my wares.  I am doing my last Farmers Market this Saturday the 27th and then doing another Farmers Market which is in Fallbrook on the 8th of September.  Then for my all out big timer, the Craftacular is putting together a holiday show on November 9th.  I really needed to nail down some dates in order to get my juices flowing again.  All I have been doing is running. 

Yes, running.  I have not wrote much about my running because I have been afraid that I may jinx myself and turn myself back into a non-runner.  It has been 12 weeks now that I have been at it.  I ran my first 5K with my work BFF Crystal and it was FUNNN!!! I was so energized and well, though today's run sucked, I am going to keep it going on as long as there isn't ice on the streets. 

Junk Bonanza.  I am going to this with my Mom in Sept.  It will be just a girls trip and I am so excited.  I have always been sort of a junky person when it comes to decorating I guess.  I enjoy the worn, eclectic and homely feel of using old and re-purposed items for decor.  My mom, not so much.  She says that we need to balance out the days...with junk on Friday and then Saturday will be "nice junk" when we hit up the Mall of AMERICA.  Whatever the case, it has been two years since we have been able to do anything trip wise as a mother/daughter because of Dad's cancer.  The last time we did something was when we galavanted across Nebraska for the Junk Jaunt.  Jeez, I should class up our trips a little maybe. 

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refibered said...

Try not to freak out about the teeth! I had those two teeth *pulled* when I was about 9, because there was a gap between my two front teeth. Yes, there was a gap and the dentist recommended removing other teeth! My mom freaked out, but allowed it.

Must say, it worked teeth naturally aligned and I've had no problems with them. No implants, either.

So relax. There are loads of other things to worry about! ;-)


Linda said...

Kaityly, just in case you haven't noticed, my Mom, I, and Heather are all missing our eye teeth. Our dentist told us it was an inherited trait that passes down through the women in a family. Heather had braces to correct it, an she has very pretty teeth. Don't worry too much. Loved the dentist pictures. What characters!!!