Friday, September 9, 2011

I miss my Dad

All it took today was this post from my friend Anna.  Anna's post just struck me as, "wow, I wish I could blog to my Dad about gross stuff"...he always appreciated my humor just like Anna's dad probably does.  

I can't begin to tell you how many times a day that I say that in my mind, "I miss my Dad".  There are so many occurrences that accumulate and accumulate day to day.  Other than Anna's post today, it was the way that Henry crossed his hands together and clasped them at his chest right above his heart just like my Dad did when he was in major relaxation mode.  And with Julia today it was the way she said "that's Papa Larry" when we looked at his memorial picture on my bathroom mirror.  I think of my Mom sleeping alone at night, coming home and eating by herself, LIVING by herself.  I think of Henry not getting to know and create memories with a guy that was known for humor, joking, rough housing, good moral standards and with an imagination known to make kids heads spin.  I think of Julia and how much she is not going to remember Papa Larry probably at all and that makes me EXTREMELY sad. 

I have to choose to persevere and make it a priority to be more like my Dad so my kids can know how awesome a loving parent can be.  I have to be a good listener to help my Mom get through her days and for me, being intent on those two things, THAT is what gets me through my days.

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