Thursday, November 3, 2011


I am enjoying watching my little kids become the best of friends.  It is hard to imagine when they were such tiny little babies that they were even capable of being loving, appreciative, thoughtful beings and friends.  There are certainly times when she gets on his nerves and he on hers, but mostly there are things being said like "Here, honey girl, you want this?", and at night, "I want to pray for Henry" and him offering to get her a spoon for her lunch.  She has given him confidence and bravery and he has given her laughter and silliness.  I am forever grateful for my gifts. 

2 tidbits of your thoughts:

Mom said...

Oh, little Dorothy!! You have been blessed with a gift of expression for the love of your little ones. She and I look from a distance, and am so proud of the Mommy and Wife you are. Besides, your not too bad of a little sister yourself, Right Damon!

Stacey said...

So glad they're friends Kait. They certainly are sweet.