Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Rainbow Brite and Leonardo Halloween

It was a Halloween to remember!  This is my first Halloween that I have attempted a handmade costume and I got this great little nerdy rush from seeing it go from yardage of fabric to puffy little clouds of fluff hugging her arms and legs.  I have to say, sewing from this vintage 1983 Rainbow Brite costume was no easy task!  Erin had to help me read the pattern when I first started determining what the sewing terms all meant.  I finished the costume from start to finish in 5 days.  I hope she lets me make her costumes in the future.   It was great satisfaction and she absolutely loved it! 

"Hey Glumface! Next time there's a rainbow look up!" -Rainbow Brite

A little Pre-Halloween fun at the good ol' Children's Museum. 

Pre-Party at their babysitters house-Cindy is the best! 

Another Pre-Party at Daddy's work

J with my Twink from when I was a little girl. 

Henry as a Ninja Turtle-Leonardo.  You know, the one with the swords. 

With the neighbors-I love Henry's silly face in this.  They love Optimus Prime-aka Bruin. 

Happy Halloween from my 80's kid superstars! 

5 tidbits of your thoughts:

Stacey said...

So great Kait! Nice work, and it looks like the kiddies enjoyed themselves. We stopped by about 5:30 but nobody was home. Kael tapped his "pokers" on the front door.

Stefan, Sarah and Lukka said...

LOVE the costume and totally loved Rainbow Brite. I'm thinking a prize would be appropriate since I guessed without any hint! (great minds think alike, no?)

I'll wait for it for Nov 19 LOL

The Wiseman's said...

Great job Kaitlyn!!! Facial expressions that remind me of her mother!!

Linda said...

So fun to see the Kiddos in their costumes with their priceless expressions that you've captured. I'm sure it was a fun filled night. Love to all, Linda and Gary

Mom said...

See, Halloween isn't just for the little ones, it's for us parents that take the time and love to pull it all off making it oh so special. Great job Mom Kaitlyn-The smiles reflect what your heart is saying.