Monday, January 9, 2012

Love on the Run

One of my favorite holidays is coming up real soon and I can't wait for all that pink and red to start oozing out everywhere!  Valentines Day for some totally sucks and I can understand but I have always been a sucker for it.  When I heard of Porridge Papers, our local letterpress shop, Love on the Run event, I knew it was right up my alley. Last year was my first experience.  

Here is what happens at Love on the Run:  When you walk in, there are a dozen or so vintage typewriters all set up for you to type out your words of devotion or naughty little love lines to your honey.  The atmosphere is flowing with happiness and good vibes.  They even have poetry books for you to read out of for inspiration.  Once you are happy with your typewritten note, you take it over and bottle it up and then off it goes in a basket to be delivered to your mate on Valentines Day! They even allow you to paint love notes on their store window fronts.  Porridge Papers acts as a modern day cupid to all of Lincoln for FREE!  Free people! Such a fun experience.   

They have started a Kickstarter campaign to bring this to a national level and trademark the event.  They want to keep it free for communities and need some support.  Go out and support Porridge Papers and help fund an awesome cause.  All for LOVE! 

Here I am sharing the love at the last "Love on the Run"

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