Thursday, January 12, 2012

Embrace IT

A little old but still as effective.  This was one of my bigger sewing accomplishments in 2011.  I made Julia's Rainbow Brite Costume from an original 1983 Simplicity pattern.  The pattern was all cut out for me and color coded when I bought it.  That was the easy part.  Assembling this puffy number was a little tricky at times.  My hubby even had to help me read the pattern at first.  I am proud that I made this for J.  She LOVED it.  Here is more from our Halloween if you missed it. 

Love her.
Bout' to get popped upside the head with that wand. 

See this face EVERY day that I do her hair. 
Wheeeeeee!  I love Rainbow Brite!

To get in on the Embrace the Camera.  Check out Emily's blog, link up and do it! 

3 tidbits of your thoughts:

kinze said...

coming from emily's embrace the camera ... such a fun post ... and love your haircut!

Traci said...

This is a GREAT costume!! =D

emily anderson said...

that is so cute!