Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Being a Mom...


 We did it.  Something I NEVER thought I would do.  I swore to myself, swore to my husband, that I would NEVER drive a minivan.  Welp, the craziest thing happened.  I now own one. After test driving SUV after SUV, I did the unthinkable and drove the minivan for comparison purposes and what do you know, I loved it?!  Fast forward 2 weeks and I now own that minivan, and am not sure I love it in my mind.  In my heart, yes, I know that when bouncing baby #3 makes the debut, this will be a crucial element to making my life seem less crazy.  (No, I am not pregnant right now) I bid adieu to my trusty ol' 4-Runner and no longer have that feeling of "cool" when I am on the road. But roadtrips in this motha' are going to be so much fun!!

 I will spare you the close up on these pigs.  They have been workin' hard!  I signed up for the Lincoln  1/2 Marathon towards the end of December.  I started with a running group because I was lacking serious self determination and motivation.  Well, this little running group has transformed my running into a breathless 3 miles into a glorious carefree 9 miles now. I cried the first week I started thinking that I couldn't do it and that I hated running and WHY ON EARTH WOULD ANYONE WANT TO RUN?  I have turned my Wednesday nights and Saturday mornings into social hour chatting with my running girls.  I love it and the feeling I get when it is all over.   

 These bug blasters.  They are getting so big!  I just can't believe that they will be 5 and 3 this summer.  Henry is all ready and signed up for Kindergarten next fall.  He is a little smartie pants.  I know he will be a great student, he is so perceptive and attentive to learning. We need to work on his ball skills this summer and toughen him up a little though.  I love spending time alone with Henry.  He loves the one on one attention and will always give you cuddles.  He's a good one that Henry.  

Julia is such a cool little girl.  She loves her brother, reading book after book, giggling, being tickled and TALKING.  She is shy when new people are around and a crazy lunatic when it is just the 4 of us.  She adores Henry and they are really the best of friends.  Julia will be really sad when Henry starts school next year, she will be like a little lost puppy.

 We've been having lots of fun the older these two get.  They can go places without a stroller (yeah!), they listen to me (yeah!), they appreciate the deliciousness of Taco Inn (hell yeah!).  We are looking forward to spending the summer at the pool, playing in our backyard and eating Taco Inn before Henry has to ditch home life for school life.  Poor fella. 

It truly is a blessed life I lead, to have two healthy little kids and a husband that listens and gets more handsome every day.  I look at things like driving a minivan and trudging through running miles upon miles for the sake of meeting a goal and consider myself pretty damned lucky in the grand scheme of things.

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Anonymous said...

What at neat happy family. Your love and pride for that family comes through in your heartfelt writing. I so look forward to reading them and of course I am the proud Mother of this beautiful young Mom and the proud Grandmother of two of the neatest kids in the world. I love you all.

lynn bowes said...

A minivan - girl, we must have a talk, I swear.

I envy you and your running. I sorta kinda gave it up when I moved here from KC and I do miss my 3 miles every morning. Where did THAT girl go? Maybe I'll let you inspire me and my poor old body to get up and going again!

Love your kid pix, Kaitlyn. You've got a wonderful little family going there and I nearly choked on my coffee when you mentioned baby #3!!! Best to you, kiddo - you're one of my favorite crafty artistes, you know.

xox :: lynn

Anna said...

A minivan?? NOOOO! Say it ain't so! Does this mean you can only fabric shop at the moldy oldy Quilted Kitty now?

The kids are cuter than ever - I'm happy to have a friend that also has a boy going into K next year... we can talk about how fast they'll be learning and what books they're starting to read!

Linda said...

Love your posts Kaitlyn. You are such a sweetheart with a sweetheart family. Love you. Linda