Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Happy Birthday Dad!

Today would have been my Dad's 62nd Birthday.  It has been a little bit of a sad day.  I remember last year's birthday celebration for him and keep remembering his wish as he blew out the candles.  "One more year!" I wish he could have made it 20 more years, heck, even 5 more!  Any way you skin the cat, it still hurts like hell to not have him here with us.  Today I made the kids eggs for breakfast, tried to convince them to eat some burnt toast (that was Papa's favorite) then we sat down, I cried crocodile tears as we wrote him letters, tied them up, stuffed them in a balloon and sent them sailing off into the sky to heaven.  Tonight we will have some freshly popped buttered popcorn and some orange Crush in honor of him. 

We managed to visit the cemetery last weekend.  His headstone is still not in.  By Memorial Day a massive piece of granite will adorn the concrete plot that is laid.  The kids were excited to put the "windthings" on Papa Larry's grave.  Papa Jensen and Grandma Dorothy got one too of course.  I have caught the kids playing "cemetery" a few times this week and today were talking about having their birthday's in heaven.  Julia woke up this morning asking if we were going to heaven today.  Jeez.  Talk about explanations! 

Lastly and bestly...the BEST video that I have of my Dad.  This is him 1,000,000%.  I dare you to watch it and not cry and laugh at the same time.  It is impossible.   Happy Birthday Dad!  You are so greatly missed!  

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Dad said...

For my awesome Daughter, thanks for the greatest birthday gift ever, and tell Henry and Julia I'll be watching for my balloons. I love them both, and I will never be any further than your heart away. I love you Kaitlyn.

lindsay said...

Boom-shaka-laka...love it. What an amazing man. I have no doubt that he went to heaven knowing how much he was loved. I am sure he is watching and smiling down on you all, each and every day. Sending you my love and a big hug.

(...and I haven't forgotten about my pen-pal responsibilities, this just reminded me that I need to finish my latest response!) ~lindsay

Stacey said...

Amazing Kait. Such hard stuff to understand ourselves, let alone try to explain to our babes.

We told Hula yesterday to say hello in Heaven to everyone we know. I'm sure she gave Papa Larry a kiss.

Stefan, Sarah and Lukka said...

Hey Kaitlyn,
What a sweet tribute you did for your dad--and modeling love in such a special way with your kids and those whose memory you hold dear. (hug)
Sarah M