Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Owl People: My Facebook Timeline

I don't know photoshop at all.   It is something that I would love to learn, would love to have someone buy for me yada yada.  BUT the reality is, I don't see that happening in my near future.  I read about Pic Monkey on Joy's Hope a while back.  I was in love with Picnik when that was around, a simple to understand photo editing software.  Picnik apparently went away and the old workers began Pic Monkey as a replacement.  I am glad they did! 

This software is so much better than Picnik ever was!  I was able to create my banner above for my Facebook timeline using Pic Monkey.  It gave me textures, processing and those ever so cute buttons.  I feel like I may have whipped this up in photoshop and that makes me feel happy.

Thanks Pic Monkey folk!

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lynn bowes said...

Cute!!!! Never was a fan of Picnik after having used photoshop but I think what you've done with PicMonkey is sweet! I'll check it out later today . . . when I have time . . . time . . .

xo :: lynnie