Saturday, April 14, 2012

Running Bibs and Cancer

Today I pumped out a 10K for cancer.  I didn't really "know" cancer until my Dad was diagnosed 4 or so years ago.  I mean, I heard of people having it but didn't know one person close to my family that did have it.  That is pretty miraculous for a 26 year old to have never really been touched directly with cancer.  Well, I guess that time has now surpassed.  

I made back bibs for me and my Mom and my running friend Gabby to honor my Dad and Gabby's Mom who passed away 18 years ago from breast cancer.  It was a last minute thing that I whipped up and am so happy to have it made now.  I had two ladies running who recognized my Dad's name who took care of him while he had chemo and the other who was his hospice nurse during his last week in this world.  It has been a while since I have ran and teared up at the same time. Pheww! 

Next up for that honorable reusable running bib, that fancy 1/2 marathon coming up in three weeks!  Yikes! 

2 tidbits of your thoughts:

Katie, Scott and Babe said...

SO awesome! Way to go!!!!

Megan said...

That's great Kaitlyn!! Think I could sucker you into making some for me in memory of my mom for a race we do every year in KC for her? I'd obviously pay you for them. Lemme know!