Thursday, May 24, 2012

Julia my THREE year old

Me oh my oh!  You are not two anymore and that makes me a little sad :(   I always enjoy telling people that you are only two years old and that no, you are not Henry's twin, you are just a big and talkative girl! To see the look on some people's faces...

Now you are three, it is a little more believable that you fit in your body and personality!  We have had a great year watching you grow.  You are at that lovely phase where you can't sit your butt still at the dinner table, you like to hit Henry and flash your pouty naughty lips (naughty girl), you LOVE your brother like he is your favorite piece of candy.  If Henry isn't around you say "where's Hen?"  You give the BEST hugs that a kid could ever give.  Full on wrap around the neck and complete with your chubby cheeks touching ours.  You have dubbed me as "Mom Pom the Raindrop" and are a complete and total Daddy's girl.  You cry for Daddy when he is at work and you want comfort, you and Daddy read together every night.  You like Daddy to do your hair more than me.  He does some ridiculously cute ponies on you and I guess I just pull your hair more.  You do love the fingernail polish time with me though.  I will take what I can get.  I know from the experience of being a girl and having a mother, we will certainly have our spats!

We are in for a treat this year as Henry heads off to Kindergarten.  I have never really even spent much time with "just Julia" as Henry is always around too.  You keep rubbing it in to Henry that we are going to play with his toys all day long when he is at school.  It will be kind of nice for you to play with whatever and not have Henry freak out on you.  I am excited to spend time with JUST YOU! 

Here are some of your favorites: 

Eats://Ummm...ANYTHING?!  You are an eating machine usually.  The things you don't like: Breads, you are only good for about three bites of yogurt and fish.  You always eat what mama makes you.  Good girl.

TV/Movies: Scooby, Curious George, pretty much anything Henry will watch.

Activities: Playing babies.  You have a million!  Coloring.  Swinging on your belly with your butt in the air.  Playing super heroes with Henry.  You are always Hulk.  You call him Hulk Smash though.  You still love a nice long afternoon nap. 

Clothes: You love your Wonder Woman shirt but lately have let Mommy pick your outfits.  I think it stresses you out too much.   

Julia, we love you so incredibly much and love your little cherub face.  I have said it from the beginning that you are my little sunshine and always, always are the happiest soul in the morning to wake up with.  Love you baby princess.  (yes, I do call her that and I am fine with the complete dorkiness of it all.  It's only at night that she is baby princess and after she has fallen asleep)

3 tidbits of your thoughts:

Stefan, Sarah and Lukka said...

so fun running into you guys at the museum this morning...and happy birthday to Julia! I swear our kids are like mirror images of each's almost a bit creepy. What is your schedule like? We should bump into each other at the spray ground for some playtime and picnic this summer!
Sarah M

Crystal said...

Happy Birthday Miss Julia!

Grandma Peggy said...

Happy Birthday Sweet Julia,
Mommy has done such a nice job capturing the true Julia. You are so beautiful, inside and out. Grandma loves your pretty gold shoes, and pretty bows in your hair, and the cool clothes that Mommie comes up with. Only Julia could make a rag muffin look like a princess. I love your smile and how happy you are. I love to watch you and Henry, and special he is to you. Try not to hit him to hard in the arm, cause that hurts! Grandma loves it when I can hold you, because when you were just a tiny little baby, you and Mommie had this very special thing going on. I think it was kinda like what my Mommie and I had. Anyway, I love how you wrap your arms around me and put your head on my shoulder or chest. I feel so HAPPY. Now that Papa Larry is in Heaven, it will be up to you and Henry to give me lots of hugs and kisses. Never forget how Papa Larry loved you and you and him would snuggle in the chair together, and be so still. You are the best Julia! Enjoy being 3 years old, and don't grow up to fast. Hulk Smash or Princess?? You can be anything you want to be, just believe in yourself.
God Bless you sweetheart, and remember Grandma will always love you.