Saturday, May 12, 2012

Tales from a Running Weekend.

It started out with this and ended with this.  Every run, every week since January, I would come in the kitchen and mark off a run accomplished.  I lived and conquered this schedule for 16 weeks.  I started off joining a running group through Body Innovations because I knew that I did not have the self determination to stick with running by myself until May.  I cried my eyes out after my first run with the group.  I told Erin that I wanted to check out and that I couldn't do it.  He told me to stick with it and I am so glad that I did.  We grew in mileage each week and my body was responding how it was supposed to.  

During these 16 weeks I did much more than increase my endurance.  I discovered and rediscovered friendships with some incredible gals.  We bitched, we laughed, we complained, we reminisced about days in the past.  I didn't do any of this by myself.  I did it with the help of these girls.  Waking up at 6 in the morning on Saturdays (crazy) and meeting on Wednesday nights.  They are what drove me to cross that finish line.  I had a great first 1/2 marathon experience.  I finished in 2:22.  I felt amazing the entire race, a little lonely after I lost my friends at mile 7, but never tired.  Running into Memorial Stadium was unreal!  I really felt like a football player with all the fans cheering me on.  I can't say that I will never do it again, now that I know all it takes is a few good friends with a common goal.  

Henry ran his first race too last weekend!  He did the Mayors Run and really ROCKED the mile run!  We were going at a pretty good clip.  The little guy only stopped one time for a drink of water.  He never complained (what?!) and at the end said, "that was fun, but I don't want to do it again."  Okay Henry, we will see about that next year!   I am sure if the race committe gives you another stop watch, you will be all over it. 

Grandma and Papa Bright came for a visit over the weekend too.  Papa ran the Half Marathon again and Grandma did, well, Grandma stuff!  We were glad to have such a fun weekend to all share together.  

Run Henry Run.

 Anna, Me and Gary on Race Day morn. 

Our cheering section.  Minus Grandma Linda (she is taking the pic).  Yes, Henry requested that his sign say that.  Awesome. 

Thumbs up!  This was a hellish hill to climb right before I saw them.  To see a smile on my face right here is an actual miracle people.  I love the guy in the yellow.  Pretty sure he is diggin' Henry's sign. 

Can't forget about this guy!  Erin ran his 2nd FULL marathon.  I can't understand why anyone would want to run 26 MILES.  He did an awesome job and I am so very proud of him for his self determination (which I clearly lack).  He is so good at running and makes it looks so painless.  Good job out there honey.  It was a hot one. 

Running it in with Erin on the last few miles.  That means that Gary and I walked out 3 miles to meet Erin and then ran 3 in with him.  Yeah, we are animals!  People were cheering us on like we were doing the Marathon.  It was quite amusing. 

Not pictured: us sitting out in the driveway with our friends and family enjoying many beers and delicious hamburgers and potato salad.  That might have been the best part of the day. 

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Stefan, Sarah and Lukka said...

look at you! Way to go, Kaitlyn.
Sarah M
PS-Henry's sign was awesome.

Mom said...

My first Marathon watching from the sidelines. None of us got much sleep the night before, so I'm sure the runners were running on pure adrenaline. As for me, those little grandkids kept Grandma Linda and I going. Thanks for the nice weekend.