Monday, June 4, 2012

Slattery Vintage Estates-My B-Day!

For my 31st birthday, I picked to have a weekend with Erin at a little winery down the road, Slattery Vintage Estates.  It was a pretty and secluded joint situated between Lincoln and Omaha.  I have had my eye on this since last summer when a friend told me about their "glamping" (glamour camping) experience.  SVE has 4 tents set up overlooking their expansive property and provides a comfy bed, coffee pot, fire pit and all the neccessities to be comfortable without feeling like you have been camping but yet you kind of have!  We hung out during the evening watching some high school band crank out some less than stellar tunes, sipped wine and beer and ate wood fired pizza.  Sleep was good until the stoners from two doors down decided to smoke something funny at 5 in the morning, cough it all out of their lungs and then proceeded to build a fire at the pit right next to our house.   A-holes.  

SVE gets a plus for: Ambiance to the MAX, Good Servers, Cool Concept.  Yummy Pizza. 

SVE gets a big fat minus for: Charging a cover charge for their "bands".  Allowing stoners as guests, not making their own wine yet, limiting us on which types of wine we were allowed to purchase, not having Kleenex or any type of water in the bungalows.   

Gosh, I can ALWAYS find more negatives.  But really, YES, you should definitely do this, if you are into the whole "glamping" thing.  And drinking wine thing. 

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