Monday, July 16, 2012

My T-Ball Boy

My little Henry is a full fledged T-Ball player.  I guess.  The season is over next week already.  Here is how it went down. 

First Game:  Henry was super pumped to start playing T-Ball.  Chatted about it the whole week before leading up to the game and all the way in the car up to the parking lot.  We entered the field and one would have never guessed that he was remotely fond of T-Ball or spent the whole week talking about it.  He stood, not by anyone else but by himself with Erin hanging loosely in the distance. He hardly cracked a smile and basically walked to first base after his hit. After the game he said "when is my next game, that was fun!"  Really?

Second Game:  Echoed the first almost completely.  We threatened that Daddy was not going to help coach if he couldn't start going after the ball more.  His feedback, "ghhhhhhaaaaaahhhhhh, I KNOW!"

Third Game:  I think we missed it, we were at AdventureLand. 

Fourth Game:  I may or may not have bribed him with the thought of going and buying new superfast shoes (or infinity 55 fast, as he calls them) if he played hard and good.  Lo and Behold, he did!  He did so much better!  Not quite the social butterfly as the other kid but he really ran fast and actually chased after the ball!

Fifth Game:  New shoes...he felt pretty cool as he ran across the field.  Swinging some good hits and I even think I saw him talk to a couple of his teammates!  Gasp! 

These pics were taken at his first game:

Doesn't he look so miserable and sad? 

There's a smile.  What a guy! 

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Grandma said...

That first one tugs as my heart strings. After observing the kids on Sunday for the first time, I will note that Henry is far ahead of them on a maturity level. Remember Buddy, you only need one really good friend! Run really hard at your next game Henry, Grandma loves you and is sooo proud of you.

lynn bowes said...

Boy, making new friends is so tough! How well I remember even as an adult that finding your place in the system is a not-so-fun challenge but it's all part of that growing 'thang', right? In a couple of weeks, they'll all be best buddies and continue growing with each other in baseball until they make the team with Nebraska!

Katie, Scott and Babe said...

So fun :) looking forward to these days with Ronan and the funny "teachable" moments ;) GO HENRY!!!!!

Linda said...

That precious little guy reminds me so much of his shy daddy at that age. There will come a day when he comes out of that shy little shell. We love them dearly no matter what. Those dimpled smiles tell the story of much love and happiness in their lives. Your posts are so special, Kaitlyn, keep them coming for another 5, 10, 0r 15 years. Love to all, Linda