Thursday, August 9, 2012

Embrace It. Friends

Not sure if I have ever embraced it with my besties before but it's time.  My BFF since college, Stace is pretty much like family.   She knows my bodily functions, brings me fun presents, understands my kid gripes and I understand hers.  Never did I think in my wildest mind that we would be raising our kids together as we drained red beers all throughout college.  Times have certainly changed and now we just sit on the driveway and drink instead and watch our kids push strollers and battle with lightsabers. 

This oddly is the first picture we have ever taken with all of our kids and us together.  Shame I tell you, damn shame.  So this is really is an important picture to me that I know I will treasure for years ahead. 

Freaky kid smiles, really what the hell is so hard about looking at the camera?  This one below is my favorite, Stace trying to choke Ryker to look.  Julia's weird eyes.  Ahhh schucks kids, you are too much. 

Embrace it with Emily.  It's fun!

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Stacey said...

Geesh Kait. Thanks for the nice post, and equally kind words about us. It is strange to think that we're really adults and doing our best to raise crazy kids. Thanks for being my friend.