Thursday, September 13, 2012

Embracing Julia

So now that brother Henry is in the big K, me and Julia have LOADS of time during the day to hang out.  I have not really spent this much one on one time with her.  I seriously find myself saying during the day "now what are we going to do?"  I have zero fights to put out.  One mouth to feed for lunch, one set of complaints that usually arise right around naptime.  She still will take a nap (hooray) and I can sew during the day!  what?!) We can once again use the stroller and go on walks without it looking extremely akward with two huge kids that really shouldn't belong in a stroller.  One huge kid seems more acceptable.  I am loving my time with her. 
We love Estate Sales.  Well, I do and she just makes me carry her and my armloads of crap I buy. 
We try to hit up Taco Inn once a week.  Who can pass when it is $1.70 kid meals. 
To combat boredom, we signed her up for Gymnastics.  She loves gymnastics and I love to hear her say the word "shimmnasics"

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amy D said...

how fun! i'll bet she is just loving this time with you :) love your silly faces! :)

Mom said...

Every time I see your smiling face Kaitlyn, I see your Dad smiling back at me. You have his Spirit of Life. Julia and Henry you are so lucky to have the most wonderful Mom in the whole world. What a treasure she is building for you in the fun times she has captured in your life. Your heart and soul are truly a Gift from God. I love you so much.

Three Sisterz said...

she is just precious! enjoy your time one on one with her. i bet she feels so special to have your time and attention. it's a great gift!


Stefan, Sarah and Lukka said...

this is so great! I love all your little snippets and HELLO I LOVE TACO INN! email me when you'r egoing out--we'd love to join you (if you want to share :)

Sarah M

Terri said...

Hey, I came over from Embrace the Camera. You are adorable and so is your daughter! You look familiar, too...strange! Keep having fun with shimmnasics :)

annalee said...

hooray for shimmnasics and embrace the camera! what sweet memories y'all are making together.