Saturday, September 8, 2012

Summer Lovin'

This is going to be picture heavy...I wanted to document our fun summer adventures and all before summer fades to fall. 
Our First Indy Car Race-Erin's Father's Day present.  I would say that this would be one of my top gift givings.  Hopefully he doesn't get used to this type of treatment.  It was so much fun.  We took Grandma along to watch the kids at the hotel and hit up Adventureland the next day.  Iowa treated us right except for the dead horses that wrecked on the interestate.   Ewww.
Had our first celebrity sighting.  Ashley Judd was there to watch her husband.  Too bad his car broke down on the first lap.  What a wasted trip to Iowa for her! 

My lone picture from Adventureland.  Grandma has them all on her camera.  It was so much fun!  Perfect place to take two little munchies.  They rode every ride and the weather was very tolerable.  I would give Adventureland 5 thumbs up if I had 5 thumbs. 

My two pictures from 4th of July.  Erin was miffed and me after I showed up about 5 hours late from going junking with Anna, Stace and Kira.  Anna's got a great rendition about the trip on her blog but I am not going to reveal the link to that because my Mom might not want to read about her naughty daughter.    Needless to say, even with the cold shoulder from Erin it was the best 4th I think I have had in a while. 

Spent time swimming with Uncle Damon

Hit up the OA box for a Saltdoggies game with a totally awesome firework display after. 

Lake trip to The Ozarks with Erin's brother.  It was so much fun!  The weather was perfect, the boat was hugely huge for both of our families (10 people + millie the boat dog).  The kids enjoyed tubing and Julia is a little fish in the water.  She loves it. 

Next road trip...Pagosa Spring CO. Only a 12 hour drive you know.  Erin's parents built a retirment home in Pagosa and it is the perfect destination for relaxation and beauty.  Plus it's free to stay and the food can't be beat. 

This was a nightly ritual.  Going on an adventure with Henry, Andersen and Julia.  They loved pretending and even got fairly close up to some deer passing through the property. 

Boating on Papa's boat.  Which of course Henry was the first to tell him that he needed a bigger boat and that Uncle Kevin's boat was better.  Leave it to the 5 year old. 

Erin and I had date night at the Pagosa Bar where we witnessed a real life cowboy throw down.  We headed across the street to the Hot Springs later.  A must see/do if you are in Pagosa. 

A trip to the Nature Center with friends. 


We wrapped it up with a trip to Grandma's for Labor Day weekend and visited the State Fair. 

I can't.believe.he.rode a camel.

It was a fun summer for sure.  I am loving that I am able to do fun things with the kids and not have to worry about things like nap time, changing diapers, and strollers.  Though I would love have another little baby to cling to.   Time goes too fast my friends. 

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