Monday, August 20, 2012

My little Kindergartner

Well, we did it!  Mom didn't cry, Dad didn't cry and Henry didn't cry and most of the day I think was filled with good times.  We got to school a little early and sat with Henry probably a little too long.  He got pretty clingy and wouldn't talk to anyone without hiding his head in our legs.  I didn't notice a more shy kid there.  I could have cried had we just left him at the door and said goodbye but we lingered and I more or less wanted to kick him in the hiney to shape up.  Here are our pics.  I got him to smile only by saying


He didn't like my sign.  Go figure.

GOOD MORNING!  Wakey wakey! 

Getting warmed up! 

And THERE IT IS!  The Supercool Henry pose of the month. 
It's unexplainable really.

Wait a minute, I need to put my sign down. 

BAM!  There it is again!  Totally Awesome as he would say.

Coddling...We just LOVE him so much! 

I am shy with her too Henry, look how pretty his teacher is! 
Miss Frazier. 

Him and his only friend he knows in Kindergarten, Barrett. 

I think he said, "wait Mom, take one more!"  Bam.  He loves it.  Who knows what Barrett thinks about it.

And there he is, all smiles at the end of the day!  He said he was excited to go back again tomorrow.  I asked if he talked to anyone and he said "no, because no one talked to me."  Okay...and his only complaint was that Barrett kept wanting him to go down the slide again and again and he was tired of doing that.  Oh the major problems I am sure to hear!  His homework tonight was to bring a picture of his family to school tomorrow that he can keep in his desk.  Awww.  So sweet that Miss Frazier! 

2 tidbits of your thoughts:

Grandma said...

Henry you are totally rad! You're a little nut to crack but when we do, watch out cause you're so loving and sweet inside we can't get enough of you.
Love you little guy. Papa and I are so Happy for you.
And remember ALWAYS and FOREVER--Someone who loves you will be right over that left shoulder ready to be your friend and help you with when you need him.
Make everyday full of adventure and fun!!

Anonymous said...

Angie (old daycare lady :-) ) loved hearing about your first day of kindergarten and can't believe you are old enough. To me, your still the same age as when you left my home.

I loved the pictures and the wonderful attitude portrayed in each. Wow do I miss you and your cuteness. Wish I could have been your teacher - there's always time with Julia, hint hint.

You guys are a wonderful family - full of love and excitement. We miss you all and are so glad to hear about your new kindergartener. Keep sharing and Congratulations Henry.

Thanks too for the wonderful phone call - I still have it saved on my phone and listen to it when I need a smile.

Love you all Lots - keep us posted.