Friday, October 12, 2012

Embracing a Happy Eight Years

We just have to start off by picking these pictures apart first.  Oh mee oh my ohhh!  Look how young we look.  This was on the night of our engagement.  You like our velvety robes?  Erin's hair looks like he is wearing a toupee.  My neck is like a giraffe's neck all skinny and looks boney.  Oh...the good old days.  I am proud and happy to say that I still feel all sorts of happy inside for my husband.  He gets better looking with age and I continue to see all the qualities in him that I first fell in love with. 

Now the picture below...this was taken last year about this time.  We thought it would be really funny and cool to drink a shit ton of wine and then bid on things we couldn't afford.  Well, we wound up with a FOX HUNT.  Once the wine started to loose it's feeling, we realized that neither of us really care about riding horses too much, and YIPES!!!, what was a girl to even wear on a FOX HUNT?! Wait, and how much money did we spend on that?  After the dust settled, we were able to thankfully pitch our hunt and make a nice little donation instead.  Oh the memories of husbands and wives.   

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