Monday, July 15, 2013

He's one month

Graham has been here a month now and is getting plenty of good lovin.  Henry and Julia love getting their holds in and often fight about who's turn it is.  No one has yet to help me change a diaper yet.  That is weird.  He has been a pretty good baby.  Last week he started having some seriously inconsolable times and we couldn't put him down without him grunting/crying himself back to pissed offness.  I eliminated dairy from my diet in hopes that that will help a fella out.  So far so good.  In this month we have heard all sorts of nicknames for him from everyone in the house.  Julia first dubbed him Little B.  Like Little Brother or Little Boy.  Then she came up with Grahamburger.  I like to call him Little Dinosaur because his arms are seriously like a T-Rex when he is trying to eat.  Here is his month in a quick little wrap...
Reading to them at bed sometimes turns into them reading to Graham for bed.   It is kind of nice.

Graham and Bitty Pass Bright. 

Casting out some jaundice in the sunshine.


Julia and I did a little photo out take with him on his 1 month birthday.  He was really enthused as you can tell.  Julia is always poking, squeezing, kissing or talking all cutesy to him.  She is a mother at heart.  I love her even though she is a little bit CRAZY.  She wanted to make him a cake for his birthday so we made banana bread and threw in some candles.  Damon was over and we all sang a really off pitch happy birthday to him.  I am sure he will remember it.  It was that bad.  Happy 1 month Graham.  We sure do love you Little B. 

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