Monday, July 15, 2013

Where Graham Sleeps

I had the most fun with the "baby room" this go round than I did with the other kids.  This bedding was lovingly made in 2007 by me and my Mom for Henry when he was born.  Julia inherited it and I made her a pink polka dot sheet that coordinated with the monkey line and we kept most of the wall crap up for Julia that we had up for Henry, well because they shared this tiny room.  Julia may have gotten the shaft here.  Sorry second child.  4 years later...Graham got a well deserved makeover on the pad.  New carpet, a super striped wall (love), new artwork and much more handmade and thrifted goodies.  No new bedding because I couldn't justify Julia getting short changed in this category. 

The "yeah baby" is probably my favorite.  I made it with a willow branch that I lifted off my neighbors curb (I have at least 15 more on my porch if you want one) and some fabulous felt leftover from Get The Craft Out.  The triangle garland just sets it all off.  Boom.  

My bestie Stacey gave me this fun artwork by an artist from NYC. 

This was a fun wall.  Xylophones, Chinese Checkers were picked up through my thrifting gal, Leah from Plainview Vintage and Thrift.  I made the Nebraska canvas and a thrifted monkey and Erin's caged monkey bank when he was a little pup.  Julia made the yellow flower out of an egg carton.  And "3" because he is my third bird.  

Where he chows down...the most comfy chair in the house...a mobile made by me.  A little modern for my taste but love it nonetheless.  It was cut and sewn with leather scraps from Signature Bindery here in town.    The poster behind the chair is from Caravan Shoppe (it's free) and a fun download printed at Staples for a whomping $3.  It says "You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem and smarter than you think."  All wise words for a growing boy. 
Sleep and Grow little Graham.  

My chalkcloth banner that I made in use.  Even if it is a little girly for his door, the intention is good. 

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themommyjob said...

Love it. I'm just getting caught up on your blogs. Good work!!