Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Before Graham...Our life

This should wrap it up for my catch up on this darned ol blog.  If you haven't read, our little Graham was born three weeks ago and it has been fairly difficult for me to get anything accomplished that isn't changing diapers, feeding faces or putting out sibling fights.  It is hard for me to even get a shower!  I really hope that I can kick this feeling of unaccomplished things and do a better job.  I do this for my kids, for me and for a way of record keeping.  I don't scrapbook, I don't develop pictures, I don't do a very good job of writing in baby books.  This is my one true saving grace in letting my kids know that I am a thoughtful Mom in recording their precious childhood moments.   Here is a little picture bomb of what happened in the months prior to Graham being born. 

Me and Henry painting Graham's room.  Stripes are fun.  Wish I would have done this earlier.  Graham has a pretty cool room.

Henry, Daddy and Papa Gary had a running weekend the first weekend in May.  It was freezing cold for Henry's Mayor's run.  He bundled up, kicked some ass and didn't complain once.  Erin and Gary ran the half marathon the next day which proved to be a beautiful day for running.  Erin had a PR and is just a natural at running.  I am glad that he has something that comes so easy for him.  Lucky Goose. 

This is Julia every morning.  She snuggles with her "Pink" and doesn't put it down for an hour after she wakes up.  I have a love/hate with her Pink.  

Henry can read now! It is fun to listen to him read to Julia. 

We had a little family fishing outing that was a bust.  I caught this tiny little fish but let Erin and Julia pose in front of it.  Wasn't that nice of me? 

My brother Damon got himself married off to the pretty lady in white.  It was a beautiful country barn wedding and Henry and Julia were the ring bearer and flower girl.  This picture couldn't display their demeanor any more perfectly.  I was on high alert for my blood pressure and sat with my butt grounded to the chair most of the night.  The next day, Graham was born!

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Sarah M said...

I loved your birthday posts and this one, too. How did I not notice those were sewing needles on top of your banner? Wow. I am dense sometimes!
How perfect that you got to be at Damon's wedding and Graham was born the next day.
Our kids sound EXACTLY like each other. Spunky funny girl and teddy-loving little boys. So great. Hope you're having a wonderful summer!
Sarah M

lynn bowes said...

Congratulations, my friend! Cannot wait to see little Graham out and about :: lynn

Stacy Ideus said...

oh my goodness!!! i LOVE stripes! you must post pics of his finished nursery! :) congratulations, Mama!