Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Welcome Graham!!!!

We welcomed our little boy on June 10th, 2013.  Graham MacClain Bright was born in the sneak of the night at 2:45am.  He came fast and furious and was born 2.5 weeks early.  

His birth story goes a little something like 11:00PM I was settling in for a restful nights sleep, reading the lame chat boards on BabyCenter on my phone.  I was reading a post about "where were you when your water broke?" and about 2 minutes later I felt like jeez, did my water just break?  I got up to go to the bathroom and indeed something was going on.  I don't have problems with incontinence.  So I woke up Erin and said, "ummmmm, I think my water just broke (heeeheee heeeeee)."   We then started pacing the house trying to figure out just what to do with the kids who were dead asleep.  Our neighbor Ellie had agreed to be our call when it was time but she didn't answer my texts or my phone calls.  Luckily I have a night owl co-worker that I knew would be up and she was nice enough to come over and crash on the couch for the night until Grandma Peg could get there in the morning.   I wrote the kids a note telling them that I was going to the hospital to have their brother or sister and that I would see them in the morning.  We got to the hospital about 12:15 and I hadn't really had any contractions up until we arrived in the parking garage and it was pretty tolerable for the most part.  Contractions started being more present around 1:30.  We walked a couple of laps around the labor and delivery floor, bounced on the exercise ball for a few of them.   I probably had a total of 20 contractions before I felt it was time to get the kid out!  The nurse that was helping us told me that if I felt like I was starting to get pressure that I needed to tell her so she could call the doctor.  I said "how far away is she?"  It was a 20 minute drive.  I told her that the doctor needed to come NOW.  Well, about 2 minutes after I said this, I got up on the bed and was pushing.  The nurses swiftly rushed into the room and no one was telling me not to push or to push.  I had sheer panic written across my face and was looking at Erin who was just telling me to "just breathe."  Well, the nurses got the commission that day.  Graham was born into their trusty hands after about 3 pushes at 2:45am.  I remember hollering out "what is it?!" and lo and behold, there he was, a boy in all his glory.  So proud to welcome another boy into our family and happy to have done my 3rd and final labor drug free.  It is just so damn empowering to birth those babies without any drugs.  Enough gloating, this boy is simply precious and looks just like his brother did when he was born.

 This was at 1:15.  Gotta give the double thumbs up even though I was seriously doubting whether I could do this whole "birthing" thing again. 

There he is! I will spare you the fresh out of the gate pictures.

He was making some pretty cute little signs with his hands right away.  Actually, I think this sign means love.  

 Sigh....I love Erin's first Daddy smiles.  This look of pride only comes when babies are born.  

 Hi Graham!

Henry and Julia getting their first glimpse at Graham. They had to wait until they got to the hospital to see if it was a boy or girl.  They say they just knew it was going to be a boy.  

Grandma meets Graham. 

 Julia is obviously a little smitten.  She LOVES holding him.

 Awww...I love this one.  Henry looks so grown up.  6 years between these boys.

Love this one.  Goofball Julia and such a sweet Henry.  Can't believe that I have three kids now.  Wow.  

We were welcomed home to some nice decorations from Grandma and the kids.  Welcome to the world Graham, we are happy to have you under our tiny, loud and loving roof.  

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Sarah M said...

Oh soo sweet! What a nugget he is! You are one lucky stinker....getting away with 23 contractions in all!

Sarah M

Crystal said...

The shortest birth story in history! Way to go Momma! What a beautiful and complete little family!

The Brights said...

I am crying...sooooo sweet. love you all so very much!!

Mom said...

Yeah, Mommie is back to telling the story of your lives with only the love and attention to detail that a Mother could.
Praise the Lord for this past year and all those that preceded it. Our Family has truly been blessed! We are so proud to welcome Graham to our family, and our beautiful Anna, McKinley and Aysha. Damon loves with his heart just like his sister Kaitlyn (Mommie) does.
I rejoice with pride and give credit where it is due. A wonderful Grandma and Grandpa, and a Dad who LOVED as his children do. They set the example and our lives will continue to grow in a way that will make them ALL proud.
Love you Daughter and you're one Hell of a Women and Mother!!!

kelly o! said...

Welcome to the World Graham!

Congratulations Kaitlyn, he's a gorgeous addition to your beautiful family! (I cannot believe how big Julia and Henry are!!)