Saturday, June 1, 2013

Quilt #3 and Quilt #4

Hi!  Miss me?  Unfortunately I am a night blogger and considering the fact that I am pregnant and usually wiped out by nights end, this little blog has gotten the shaft.  Fortunately for you, it is Saturday and Erin is home and I am experiencing a little thing called nesting/getting shit done before the baby comes!  So, I give you the quilts of 2012 and 2013! 

Love Quilt

My mother in law bought me this lovely Amy Butler fabric, her Love line, for my birthday a while back and I made Julia a quilt for her big girl bed way back when.  However I am just getting around to photographing it.  It has been through the washer several times and just keeps getting better with all the washes.  I used Jeni Baker's Plus Quilt Tutorial for this.  It was easy and a fun way to incorporate a whole line of fabrics.  The back was probably my favorite part.  I decided that I needed to start adding labels to my quilts.  Means more when you know a little more about it right?

5501 Brick House Quilt
This is my most recent 2013 quilt.  I bought this fabric, another Amy Butler line, Lark, at my favorite fabric store in Grand Island, Material Girl Fabrics.  It came with the whole line in 1/4 yard cuts.  The pattern is Amy's Lotus Brick Path Quilt.  I wasn't really whoopdee about using it just because it was so simple and similar to my first quilt, it did go together very fast and I used a super high loft polyester (eek!) batting to make it more of a cozy comforter than a traditional quilt.  The batting wasn't as shifty as I expected it to be and was surprised how nicely it did.  I will never use navy blue as a backing again.  It attracts the yucks like kid drool and messy hands. 

3 tidbits of your thoughts:

Sarah M said...

Oh these are fabulous, Kaitlyn! I LOVE that "log cabin" type heart on the blue background. Those will be so cherished. You must be getting really close to your due-date!
Sarah M

lynn bowes said...

Hello, my pregnant friend! Hope things are going well and you are doing well and looking forward to seeing you and the Bright Bits when the new one gets here!

Sweet quilts, K.

xox :: lynn

SarahZ said...

I love both these quilts and their labels! I just finished using my first ever AB fabric...can't imagine using whole lines of it...very special!