Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Kindergarten is OVER!!!

I am so behind on my blogging it is sad.  I think of it and have little pangs of guilt and sadness that I have dropped the ball.  What can I say, I have had a lot going on.  Our little Henry graduated into the 1st grade on his birthday, May 22nd.  I can't believe that I will have a 1st grader.  It has been such fun to watch him grow over the last year.  He went from super duper shy guy to just shy guy.  He learned about Jesus, how to read, according to his teachers he knows how to tie his shoes (we have yet to see that), he learned about socializing, learned about following rules and learned that it is okay to speak up when someone is talking to you. He made friends and made us very aware of who was being naughty in school on a daily basis, so apparently he knows not to be naughty in school!  We are very happy with St. Michaels and think he is right on track.  Congrats Henry! 


 In celebration of his great year, we hosted an "End of School" party for his 29 classmates.  Gasp!  I had never held a party of such mass quantity of people before (let alone all under the age of 6).  I have to say that it went really pretty well!  We had games planned, hot dogs, chips and grape skewers for dinner and a outdoor movie in our yard to complete the night.  I managed to only raise my voice to a couple of kids and learned that girls are so much better behaved than boys.  My boy got a little overwhelmed at one point and plopped down to cry on a chair.  He quickly rebounded and was back at it having fun.

 Some party banners I whipped up. 

 Icebreaker game of Red Rover.  More than half of the kids had NO clue what Red Rover even was.  Thankfully they do now! 

This was a great game.  I called it "Cheeto Head."  The kids put on shower caps, adults lathered them up with shaving cream and the remaining teammates throw cheese balls at their partners head.  The kids loved this.

 Pin the face on the teacher.

 Me and my party boy.

 Duck Duck Goose.  Grandma Peg and Papa Larry used to host these parties for me and my brother when we were kidlets.  That could be why I was so determined to host one.  It was great memories for me and Damon and I want to pass that on to my kids.  Grandma helped out so much with the party in pulling out the old school games that everyone still likes.

Dance Off! 

 Finished the night off with "Stuart Little"  The only downfall was that the movie was only about a 1/4 way through before parents started showing up.  I didn't plan very well for darkness.  The weather couldn't have been more beautiful and perfect for the party.  I'll thank my Dad for that :) I hope Henry remembers this, cause my feet sure did ache the next day. Like really bad. 

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lynn bowes said...

You really know how to make memories, my darling pregnant friend. You will be the best-loved and most favorite mom in school!

Speaking of pregnant - aren't 'we' just about ready to drop that one?

xox :: lynn

Molly Davenport said...

I didn't even know they did the cheeto head thing that's hilarious!