Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Happy Birthday Henry...40 some days late

To my little big Henry...Six!  Six years old!  Lucky you that you get to have the first birthday between you, Julia and me.  You always seem to get the excitement that should accompany a birthday, the surprises, the happiness that presents bring, the ooh and ahh of the birthday candles.  This year your birthday fell on the last day of school.  We had the kindergarten program and then you went to another friends birthday party on your birthday!  We finished the day off with presents, hot dogs and a super cool army tank cake that your Daddy and I made.   Daddy did the decorating and I did the baking.  You had your closest friends over for the night, Bruin and Barrett.  We are looking forward to what 6 will bring for you.  I would like you to learn to tie your shoes and ride a bike.  There is this little bit of a thing called frustration that overcomes you so I am not sure if you will complete these before you turn 7.  It might just be velcro shoes until you are 25!  You are a good boy Henry Bright.  You still like your cuddles with mommy, your 25 stuffed animals in bed with you every night, you can't stand being teased about having a girlfriend even though Julia and I LOVE to giggle about it and your reaction.  You can now read just about anything, big words you can even sound out.  Everyone who visits is impressed with your new skill.  Keep up the good work of being 6.  I love you buddy boy. 

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