Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Happy Birthday Julia...42 some days late!

Happy 4th Birthday to you sweet little Julia Macrae!  

I can't really believe you are just 4 years old.  You seem like you are so much older.  People constantly are asking if you and Henry are twins.  There is only a 1 pound weight difference between you two!  Your birthday is still fun even though we are worn out from celebrating Henry's just two days before.  I try to make more of an effort to make your day special because I feel like you will always get the raw end of the deal being #1, younger and #2, the second birthday celebration.  So this year, I brought out the bacon and bought you exactly what you overpriced American Girl Doll.  Bitty Pass Bright is your little baby that you tote around, take on walks and dip in the pool.  I am glad you play with her otherwise I might be quite peeved.  You got ceiling balloons just like Henry, maybe even a few more on your side, a trip to the movie theater and the Scooby cake that you wanted ordered specially from good ol' Walmart and finished the night with a glow bracelet bath.   Someday you will have some good friends to invite over but Henry and Mommy and Daddy seem to do the trick for you.  You are such a fun little spirit Julia.  I am so happy that you are mine.  God made you wonderfully funny and sweet just like I always wanted in a girl.  You still carry around your Pink and start to panic when you can't find that darn blankie before bed.  Henry is your favorite friend and playmate.  There is no one that can make you giggle your silly little laugh like Henry does.  You have no problem telling us that you have boyfriends and those boyfriends that they are yours!  Barrett and Bruin and still Taylor Martinez make your list of current relationships.  Damon has been taken off the list.  You keep asking if you can marry Henry too.  Jeez.  You are very smart and able to pick up on pretty much everything that you are challenged to do.  You should see how you ride your bike!  Man, you can sure truck it on that little thing.  I can see that you will be talented in anything that you do.  You might just beat Henry in the shoe tying deal.  For real for real!  I love you little baby girlfriend.  Keep being awesome. 

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