Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Our Family...

A little over a year ago I had a funny thought about adding a third child to the family.  Two kids, piece of cake.  Fast forward to our family photo shoot last weekend and you could probably ask me if I thought that three kids would be any easier?!  Easier or more difficult, I love it all the same.  These kids are mine, their personalities are mirrored in both Erin and myself.  

Our kids are off the hook crazy mostly, someone is usually in tears, flinging shoes, fighting over a stuffed animal, whining about being hungry or thirsty (always) BUT there is a bit of sweetness to it all.  Sweetness that is all mine and Erin's and I love it.   

Our photographer, Sarah Cal, captured my little kids' personalities to the point.  It was messy and we didn't get one good family photo together but dang, we made a good memory here.  Thanks Sarah for a job well done. 

 She and Him.  Best Buddies. These are my favorite even though I was mad at them for jacking around so much.


2 tidbits of your thoughts:

Sarah M said...

Even if you were mad at the kids, you will love and treasure these pictures, because you'll remember how hard the days were and how sweet and little they all were! I love the ones of Julia & Henry together. Photos of husband + wife (without kids) are also sooo good to have. We don't do that enough over here.
PS-How did you find Sarah? Did we already talk about this? She and her family go to our old church back in Lincoln-Grace Chapel. Crazy!

Linda said...

Thanks for sharing the pictures and the invitation to share in the memory making, so fun. Those kiddos are so entertaining. Like you say, a little bit of Mom and a little bit of Dad. They're precious!