Thursday, October 31, 2013

Two Howlin' Hounds and a Jailbird

Okay, so Halloween was POPPIN' tonight!  We had so much fun.  The trees were beautiful, the air was crisp, the cider was tasty, pizza was good and the BEST part of it all, well, I don't have to go up to doors with my kids anymore!  They just run up by themselves!  Can I get a Hallelujah?!! 
Other than the best of everything above, I have to say that the lighting tonight was divine. I am no professional but man, this light tonight, I just wanted to kiss it.  So, here are the little Brights. 
Graham as the "Jailbird".  Three months of colic for him won him this costume.  It was fun to make.

Henry as the super freaky Werewolf Boy.  We bought the mask but had fun sewing werewolf fur into his sleeves and slash marks for it to pop out of his shirt.   He totally embraced his role and even was spotted sneaking behind cars and scaring kids when they came around the corner. 
We stopped in this grassy knoll while the other two were sawing logs in the car.  It was a fun place for this fella to come creepin' out of the woods.  

And lastly, probably most importantly, Scooby.  She has been wearing this costume non-stop for a month now.  She has already out grown it and loved every part of being Scoob.  She was heard barking for candy at people's doors.  Oh Julia.


And....that's a wrap.  Hope everyone's Halloween was as colorful, vibrant and happy as ours! 

3 tidbits of your thoughts:

Jamie Steckelberg Scott said...

Oh. My. Heavens.

So sweet. <3 the jailbird!

Sarah M said...

Oh my goodness, I love them! Your kids are too fun. What great costumes they had!
Sarah M

Grandma Peggy said...

Are not my Grandchildren the most precious ever seen?? Henry, you are so scary, Julia, you make the most perfect Scooby, maybe there will be a "Shaggy" in your life some day. And little Graham, if all jail birds were as sweet as you are, there would be no such thing as crimes! Love your little drool and dimples.