Sunday, November 10, 2013

Graham Baby-5 Months

We did it.  We have conquered colicky baby.  I thought we were over it at 4 months but now that we have got to 5 it is so much better, I really do have a pretty happy little lad and am pleased to be out of the heat of it all.  He has started to chunk up so much, filling his little cheeks out and getting the scum out of his neck folds is always fun.   He naps happier, sleeps a bit happier and makes lots of noises.  Last week he was caught rolling from his back to his front.  He hasn't done it since but that is okay.  He likes Henry and wonders most of the time what Julia is doing in his face.  Today he pulled a funny one at church and decided to spit up a fair amount of his breakfast all over the two chairs in front of us.  They had to vacate their seats while Erin cleaned it up.  Graham.  His nicknames have ranged from:  Grahamburger, Grahambolini, Grahambo, GrahamPam and Boy Boy.   

Happy 5 Month Grahambo.


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Grandma Peggy said...

Love my little Boys so much, and my little girl too.
Funny video Graham!!