Thursday, March 13, 2014

9 Monther

About Graham at 9 months:

You haven't slept through the night more than maybe two times your whole little life.  We are up one or sometimes two times a night and the only thing that will put you back to sleep is a good old fashioned feeding.  Boobs are magic I guess.  Too bad your dad can't help out here.  I am really starting to crave a full nights sleep.  Really bad.
You get really excited about your sister and brother.  They can always put a smile on your face by jumping up and down or coming and sneaking up on you. 

We are finally getting outside again and you are a good stroller buddy, way better than you were 7 months ago.  You hated that thing. 

Baby food and you sometimes go together...You'd rather eat something substantial and chunky I am finding.  Lasagna, you slay it.

You've just started to army crawl this week.  You usually get pretty mad if you are left trying to crawl for too long.  So I always pick you up and you revert to being happy again.

Being a mom to you has been challenging but so rewarding.  You always do a really good job of making me remember that I am needed for you to get through the days.  If you are happy then I am usually happy.  There will be a day when you don't need me to help you anymore and I hope I can always remember how adored I was in your little eyes.  You are a little sweetheart Grahambo.   




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Sarah M said...

I can't believe how much he looks like Julia! wow.
Sarah M

Sarah M said...
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Jamie Steckelberg Scott said...

He is just the cutest. Ever.

You are such a good mama too. He's a lucky little guy.

Linda said...

I can't believe how much he looks like a little Henry! Sometimes I don't know if it is a Graham picture or a Henry picture I am looking at. Always love your stories and photos. Your Roger Rabbit picture Instagram is too funny! That was painted by Sissy when Erin was probably 8 or 9. Love you.