Wednesday, May 7, 2014


A million directions is where I feel like I am at right now.  If I could draw a map of my brain and where and what I have to do with myself, kids, house, business, work...everything would be so incredibly scattered and you'd get lost after the first move on the map.  Needless to say, blogging has been on my very last of the to do lists.

Spring started off chilly to say the least, Dad's birthday could have ushered in a little bit nicer of weather.  Come on Dad!  We did manage to release some balloons for him again for his birthday this year and I just think it is the most special of times.  Graham is now in on it and makes me a little bit sad that he will have not known his Papa Larry.   I always try to make a very big point of keeping his memory alive and talking about him with the kids.  I sing a lot of songs that Dad sang to us as kids and we always talk about him during most severe weather events or beautiful sunsets. 

The kids have been in full swing of sports stuff and enjoying playing outside again.  Henry and Julia are both in soccer and having a good time.  Julia is a bit of a pussy cat when it comes to her soccer play.  She barely will kick the ball if it is in front of her.  I hated soccer so I am okay if she hates soccer too.  She did tell me that she wants to keep playing though.  Sigh.  

Henry is much improved this year, I think playing on the playground has helped him be a bit more aggressive and excited about winning or whatever.  I am just glad he likes it.  We had to persuade him to play baseball for this summer.  He thought t-ball was really boring, so hopefully with the coach pitching now he will not think it is so boring. 

We had a great Easter here at home.  I overcommitted for Easter telling both sets of grandparents that we would be coming (oops) so we stayed home this year and had our Easter dinner in the garage with Damon and Anna and the girls and Mom.  It was nice staying home and just being home. 

Also on Easter weekend, we found out that we have bats in our house.  We haven't actually seen any on the inside but I have found some droppings and hear creaking in the attic ceiling.  The Critter Ridder came over and shot us a price estimate for $1000 to get these stupid things out of our attic.  He has yet to show up (4 weeks ago).  Erin has been quite the spouse in climbing up the ladder and trying to rid them ourselves.  We have yet to be successful.  Just the other day I was outside mid day and saw a stupid one crawling out of Erin's tape and screen contraption.  The neighbor guy was home and graciously climbed up to get the fella and met him with end of the shovel.  That is one way to get them I guess.  I am just so creeped out and Erin is so sick of me talking about it, stress on the marriage doesn't happen much around here but these stupid bats are really going to do us in.  Pray that we can make it to 10 years in October!

Graham...Oh the fella.  He officially did the last babysitter in.  He went through 4 of them just like that.  I am staying at home with him until he turns one in June and he can go to Cindy's with Henry and Julia.  Honestly though, I feel like he has turned a major corner in the last couple weeks.  He isn't freaking out if I put him down and has become more independent playing with the toilet paper and getting into trouble in places he shouldn't.  He has also logged 2 nights that he has slept all through the night.  Whoa.  That a boy.  He is getting really close to walking, I know that once that starts he will be a much happier boy.  Grahmbo. 

We took on the Mayors Run again this year.  Henry's third time and Julia's first.  It is always such a good time.  Henry and Erin smoked it and Julia and I got it done though it wasn't always pretty.  In true Julia fashion, she biffed it a couple times but did a good job picking herself back up and running.  She only walked a couple of times and I am really proud of her.  A mile is a long way for a little long legged kid.  It was a beauty of a morning and Graham and Grandma Peggy cheered us all on.
Erin, Damon and Anna all ran the 1/2 Marathon the next morning.  We love being spectators but this mama is ready to strap those running shoes back on!  In November it is my turn.

Until next time!  We have a busy May coming up.  I am starting to sell my goods at the Farmers Market, 2 birthday parties to plan for, another in June, end of school, adjusting to daycare and hopefully be rid of those freaking bats before they start having babies in my ceiling which happens usually in June. Hmppph.  Happy May 7th. 

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Anonymous said...

Great pictures! Your kids are beautiful. We moved to Nebraska a year ago. It's nice to read about our new home state!