Monday, January 12, 2015

hello 2015

Hello from 2015.  I needed to write, just bits and pieces but to write just feels good.  I looked back on my blog post from last year and reviewed my resolutions, goals for 2014 and I nailed MOST of them.  Blogging sadly did not get accomplished and my photo books/baby books are still sitting on my to do list.  

House:  We did it!  We finally moved out of the 5501 and it feels good to breathe.  

10 Year: We had our party.  Lived and learned.  It was fun but maybe our $$$$, yes, $$$$ would have been better spent on a week away somewhere.  Oh well!

Owl People/Retreat:  I kept up!  It was crazy hectic sometimes but I did it.  I put myself out there for a slew of different things from an event organizer on a show to bringing a craft event to Lincoln.  I learned things about myself...things that I don't want to try again and things that I am willing to attempt again.  I did my craft retreat with the girls again and had so much fun actually enjoying myself this year. I went through a re-brand on my Owl People brand and love my new look of my logo.  

30 Bags 30 days:  I just moved so I am pretty sure I have fulfilled this 10 times over though I didn't actually count them all.

Be a better friend:?? The verdict is out there.  I think :/ I did better? 


So 2015.  

I just finished a workshop with a couple of local gals here called Hello Little Clouds.  We worked on our business visions for 2015.  I didn't get very far on my board but gathered that if you are intentional, things can get accomplished.   I have a few specific things I need to work on for Owl People but also want to split my board to include my family goals and house goals.


Owl People:  3 new products in mind, RECORD expenses and sales better.  It's insane how messy that is. 

Family:  Oh jeez.  Main ones, yell less is my main objective.  I could drill down to each kid which I will since I am getting all intentional here:

Henry:  Yell  less, love more.  I feel like poor Henry takes the brunt of my frustrations.  Since he is the oldest, I feel like he should be more capable, less complainey, stronger, independent...the list could go on and on.  I feel like I am always riding him and on his case about something.  I really want to try harder with him and make sure he really feels loved.  He is a tender hearted guy and I need to respect him more.  We need to get outside more together.  Our new place is perfect for exploring and I want to instill that in him.

Julia: We are pretty good.  I would really like to teach her to sew this year. 

Graham:  Play more on the floor with him.  My dad was always so good about being on the floor playing with us, laying there so we were able to just snuggle up even if we are just watching TV.  It is one of the things that I will always most remember about my Dad.   I feel like Graham kind of gets the shaft with play time and I want to just PLAY more with him.  Go on walks, get out of the house and let him experience things like the other kids got to.

Erin:  I want this to be a year for us that we can go on more dates, get out for some weekend getaways.  Plain and simple.  Now with my mom being retired, this should be more than attainable.  Oh and now that Graham actually likes people other than me, this should be perfectly attainable.

HOUSE:  Awww yes, home sweet home.  I do love the new house.  I know Erin and I made a really good decision with moving.    There is the perfect blend of things we want to change up and upgrade with the things that are already perfectly established.  It is completely fine and live-able but there are things that drive me nuts.

Kitchen:  Paint/Stain cabinets.  Backsplash.  Sink.  Microwave.

Our Bathroom:  Light fixture.  Flooring.  Vanity.  

There is plenty more on my list but I think these things could be done within the year. 

PERSONAL:  Drop the phone.  Be intentional about getting things accomplished.  Don't be a perfectionist in the ways of accomplishing tasks.  Even doing a little here and a little there is better than putting it off and not even doing it at all.  

Quilt:  I have had my Carolyn Friedlander fabric for a year now and have a goal to make a quilt with it.   It is quite typical of me to hoard fabric and wait until the designer has another one or 2 lines out.  Oh well.  Winter has always been for my personal sewing time but with all this house stuff I want to do, I am a little worried about my sewing time being neglected.  

Okay, that's all.  You'll hear from me in May probably when I do my birthday posts.  Ha. 

2 tidbits of your thoughts:

lynn bowes said...

House - don't you owe me a photo of the house(s) for watercolor(s)?

Love seeing other artist's goals. Keeps me inspired and confident that I'm heading in the right direction. We need to hook up for coffee some morning, don't you think?

xox in 2015, girlfriend.

Anonymous said...

Love your remark about your Dad and being on the floor. You are so right about that! I did most of my hand work (needle point) while you kids were little. I wish I would have put it up and enjoyed you both more. Time I can't get back. So get on that floor and enjoy Graham, let the kids and dogs(mine of course) crawl all over you see the world from their prospective. One of the things you taught me was to "always look up". Maybe it's time to "look down at the little ones". You are an an awesome Mom Kaitlyn, and your kids love you to pieces. After all that lovin, you still have enough to give to others, and I love you and your energy for life.