Monday, November 3, 2014

Be Crafty Workshop -Nebraska

:Be Crafty Nebraska:

Do you have any Instagram or Blogger girl crushes?  Come on, you know you do.  Those girls that just have that style, that same decorating taste or that certain language you just get and say, "ahhhh, I know we'd be best friends if she lived here"  Well, I chose to pursue my girl crushes, Amanda Rydell and Lesley Zellers and get them to NEBRASKA for a workshop!  Amanda has that amazing design eye and always picks the best colors, textures and on trend crafts.  She hosts workshops from Minnesota to Arizona bringing together women that appreciate a day off of life and to celebrate a day in color and craft.  Lesley came all the way from Oklahoma and is an amazing Graphic Designer with some serious hand lettering skills that make me jealous.  Some of her work has been picked up by West Elm to sell in their stores. 

After 5 or so months of emailing, we finally got it all organized and it was time to meet!  I knew from the minute they pulled up that we would have a good time.  Both of these gals became fast friends on IG a few years back and you can tell that they are just kindred spirits.  Very genuine and just nice people to be around. They don't have a "I'm better than you" bone in their body.  We shared a lot of laughs over the weekend and a few cuss if you know me. 

Be Crafty Workshop was held at The Pilgrimer in downtown Lincoln.  The Pilgrimer plays host to local entrepreneurs and helps their creative ideas to come to fruition.  They were very accommodating and let us decorate the space as we saw fit.  

There were two crafts that we did as a group of 25.  First, were fun little wish bracelets to send off as happy mail and the second, were creating chalkcloth banners then some instruction from Lesley on chalk lettering.  

Amanda did an amazing job of lining up all of the supplies for us.  There was more washi tape and beads than we knew what to do with.  She taught us how to make our happy mail and we had fun learning how to make tassels with embroidery floss.  Lesley gave instruction on lettering and some really great tips about working with chalk in general, hopefully some of it sunk in for me!

The 3 hours sped by and I think everyone was a little sad when it was all over.  Afterwards I showed them some of Lincoln's bests with a stop into Home & Closet, Little Mountain Print Shoppe and Honest Abes for a nice fatty burger.  We might have also gone curb shopping and dumped a dresser in Amanda's trunk too.  Oops.

I loved playing host to these fine ladies and enjoyed getting to know them more than just through a picture on Instagram.  It was a great weekend and I hope we can do round 2 in the future.  

Enjoy the lovely pictures courtesy of:  

The Leekers

Donuts c/o Goldenrod Pastries

I would be re missed if I didn't give a shout out to Whipperberry for lending us some beautiful painted furniture and chalk paint samples from BB Frosch and to DBH Boutique in Lincoln who generously donated 30 pairs of earrings for swag.  Goldenrod Pastries, I've never seen a prettier donut in my life!  The photographers, Becky Novacek and Aubrey from The Leekers for helping with photography.  Nebraska friends, you done did good.

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Sarah M said...

Oh my GOSH, Kaitlyn, this looks magical!! What lovely decorating and sounds like it was a blast.

P&P said...

So proud of you for pulling this together Kaitlyn! Really disappointed I couldn't be a part of it, but so happy for all those who took advantage! Well done friend.