Monday, September 29, 2014

Bullet Points

Oh writing, how I miss thee.  I don't feel like I have much time to dedicate to it these days.  Life is blessed and busy but mostly plain old exhausting at 9 o'clock when bedtime starts to say hello. 

:Our Life in Bullets:

:Bison Drive to Boulder Drive.  We bought a new house!  We had been looking for a while and were really hoping to find something before winter reared it's ugly head and we were stuck inside with cabin fever...and we did it!  The house went up on the market on a Tuesday afternoon, we looked at it on Thursday and made an offer right along with another couple.  Well, we got it!  It will be perfect for our family to live in, the backyard is a dream!  We close in three weeks and have yet to sell the house on Bison Drive.  Fingers crossed that it sells soon.  Two mortgage payments would be very very bad. 

:Moving is bittersweet.  I love our house, all the work we have done to make it ours over the last 10 years.  I will miss my beloved sewing space, the lofted ceilings, the neighbor kids, our landscape, the bustle of the corner with people walking by, saying hi and catching up with the dog walkers and petting dogs.  Mostly, I will miss is the memories we have created.  I have raised my three babies here, nursed them, rocked them, cried with them, created newlywed memories without kids, watched Erin work on home projects, and even touches from my Dad still remain.  We will really miss it.  

:10 years baby!  Erin and I are celebrating 10 years next week.  We are ringing it in with a party at our favorite brewery and our favorite polka band.  I love my husband and am very lucky to have a man that understands my personality, my faults, my quirks.  He still loves me and I haven't drove him crazy yet!  Seriously, a guy who has to listen to fabric talk, blogger talk, instagram talk and my complaints, he is a true gem. 

:Owl People:  It is very busy for me and continues to get better as the years go by.  I started this thing 7 years ago to have something to do during naptimes and early bed for babies.  Now I wonder what the hell I was thinking.  It is very rewarding for me, the creating part, the sewing part is a little monotonous, but meeting people who share a creating passion and appreciate the time and dedication to growing small handmade businesses is the best.  I wish I could collect all of the people that I meet and have met over the years and throw them in one big room for a party.  I am looking forward to a fresh look for the new year and establish more simplicity with Owl People. 

:Craft workshops and ten million ideas:  I am working with a couple of "famous" or what I call famous in my world-bloggers/crafters to bring a fun creative workshop to Lincoln.  Be Crafty is gaining momentum and I was really excited to nail Amanda down and her friend Lesley Zellers to come to Nebraska.  Be Crafty is here on the 25th and I couldn't be more excited!  I am still on the fence about hosting my retreat called Get The Craft Out for this year.  Sometimes, well a lot of the times, I feel like I bite off more than I can chew in the "lets get everyone together and craft and sell stuff" world.  I might have to pass the torch to someone who I can trust if I am going to make this happen.  I know the girls like to come and really appreciate it but for me, finding balance between family life, business life and furnishing our new house all walk a fine line in the sanity department.  If you could peek into my mind, this is just scratching the surface for things I want to do, my ideas are just all over the place. 

:Henry:  7 years old and just what every boy should be.  He is smarter than a whip, gets incredibly frustrated with the smallest things-like getting his high tops on.  He loves reading, loves his legos and personal possessions, playing soccer and knows his football better than I do.  It's funny how he can rattle off players names and get into it just like Erin does.  Monkey see monkey do.  Henry and Graham are going to be sharing a room in the new house until someone can work up the bravery to sleep downstairs.  That ought to be interesting.

:Julia:  Little girl has been in Kindergarten for a month now.  It has been a hard transition, she is just so incredibly tired when she gets home from school.  Her attitude and fits are all a part of her being tired I think.  I hope that is all it is anyway.  I keep telling myself it is just a phase and a season.  I am looking forward to meeting with her teacher this week for conferences to see how she does in school.  She is a total and complete mommy's girl and will only snuggle up and go to me most of the time which is nice and loving and all, but I would really appreciate her being a daddy's girl every once in a while.  She got new glasses a while back as we found that her vision was very bad.  She loves those glasses and doesn't really like going without them.  She likes to do her homework, play school and look at chapter books because I think it makes her feel "big".  She will have her own room in the new house, so that will be very fun for her.  

:Graham:  Oh, what a little piece of love!  To think that he was pissed off baby for an entire year-you'd never know.  He walks around the house like he is boss.  Stands at the pantry saying "cook cook" for cookie.  Cookies are his favorite.  He has started to sink into our shoulders if there is anyone strange that tries talking to him.  Those little cuddles are the best.  His blue blankie is his favorite, sometimes you will find him with his butt straight in the air and head buried in his blankie.  He loves being outside and cries and pounds at the door until you let him out.  Daycare is good for him and Cindy never has a bad thing to say about him.  It took 5 babysitters but he did it!   I look at him in his crib sleeping at his night just in wonder that he made it through that first year and how blessed I am to have him, even when I wanted to make a return! Ha. 

:Oh!  And Friends:  I was so lucky to finally get my girls trip in with some of my bests.  We have been planning this trip for what seems like and eternity.   We were able to ditch the kids, get some nice vulgar words and have fun just like we used to.  I've had a lot of time to think about friends lately and this trip just made me realize how very richly blessed with what I have.  Just look at these two.  I've had them in my life for 20+ years and that is just crazy awesome.  

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Mom said...

Life is good for Kaitlyn Bright. You are an awesome Mom, wonderful wife, volunteer to the community of Lincoln, and faith filled. God has blessed you in these ways and so many more. I pray I am blessed with the gift of time, to follow you and your wonderful family on this journey of life! Love you beautiful Daughter.